• Who I am

    ~7 years strategy experience, amateur dev and burger eater!

    I'm also great at remembering movie quotes... and I live in the Bay Area

  • Where I have worked

    Corporate Strategy, HP

    since July 2014

    Helping one of the largest tech companies in the world maintain its edge and continue delivering groundbreaking products and technologies


    Engagement Manager / Senior Consultant, EDC

    July 2011 to July 2014

    Management consultant with experience working in a wide range of functional areas, such as strategy, marketing, and processes. Industry focus on payments, including mobile payments, mPOS, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc.

    Corporate Strategy, Cummins Inc. (intern)

    Summer 2010

    Analyzed horizontal integration opportunity through research and discussions with management. Presented strategic recommendation to seize opportunity and listed potential acquisition targets

    Associate, BCG

    June 2006 to June 2009

    Management consulting experience working with large and mid-market companies across consumer and industrial goods sectors. With experience in different functional areas, including corporate strategy, go-to-market strategy, organization and processes

  • Random fact

    Cows are my favorite animals

  • Some things I built

    Don't expect anything fancy, but maybe there is something you may like!

    Voter Info

    Voter Info leverages the information from the VIP Project, by The Pew Charitable Trusts and Google, to deliver easy and quick access to relevant voter information. Information is customized to the user's address or current location - the app will eventually add a social component to it


    Now available at Apple App Store


    Candidate Trivia

    How well do you know the Presidential hopefuls for the 2016 US election?, Test your knowledge and learn more about their background and positions with Candidate Trivia, a fun trivia game about your favorite (and not-so-favorite) candidates!


    Now available at the Apple App Store




    OneIdea is an app for entrepreneurs, or bored people, to
    brainstorm potential business ideas. At its core, the app randomly
    creates "mini-pitches" for businesses. Do all of them make sense? of
    course not. But then, some may spark the idea for the next billion dollar company!. Download for free at the Apple App Store!


    IWAPO stands for "I Want A Pic Of..." and is the app that allows you to challenge the community to share pics about a topic that you like... also, it is fun to pronounce, try it: e-wa-poo


    Originally released on Apple App Store, No longer available




    A new way to create and store notes & reminders - For people that want to quickly save notes, links and thoughts on the go, without the hassle of learning or downloading a new app, ReMND.it offers a new way to do it by leveraging the power of e-mail (Currently offline)


    A F2P brick-breaker style game, with modern graphics and several levels, each one with an original twist on the basic game play.


    Originally released on iTunes, not available anymore

  • Where I studied

    A summary of my formal education


    University of Michigan (Stephen M. Ross School of Business)

    Mechatronics Engineering (BS)

    ITESM Campus Monterrey

  • Where to find me